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21 Years for Open Door Technology

This year marks 21 years for Open Door Technology. When April 1st comes around, most people are busy dreaming up gags to play on their friends and family. Here at Open Door Technology the date has special meaning because it is the anniversary of when I left a position twenty one years ago as a Senior Manager with the Information Systems Group of KPMG Peat Marwick Thorne to go into business for myself. Leaving my job while having five children at home was a risk but I believed I could better serve clients by establishing my own operations. While working as professional accountant, I got to see the ins and outs of business operations but had never been able to actively assist clients with their systems and processes. Now I had an opportunity to help organizations run their operations more effectively by providing enterprise software solutions designed to streamline their operations. In 2000 I chose to provide and support Navision to my clients because of its flexibility and ability to customize and the business grew rapidly from that point forward. Open Door Technology became a partner with Microsoft after they purchased Navision, now known as Microsoft Dynamics NAV, in 2002. Twenty one years later, Open Door Technology has two offices, multiple software offerings, and nearly thirty employees supporting clients across Canada and the United States. We have seen great changes and challenges in our market space and as a company we are looking forward to meeting them with integrity, outstanding service, and great product offerings.

Malcolm Roach, CA
President of Open Door Technology