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Put your rental business on the fast track with Rental Management Software from Open Door Technology

Rental Companies today need rental tracking software to solve problems with inflexible rental terms, limited access to real-time information and inefficient invoicing cycles. Dynamics NAV Rental Management software gives you a system flexible enough to handle the unique requirements of your business and give you a competitive edge in the rental industry. Open Door Rental Software is a system that works for you, using the power of a single database to give you the access and flexibility you need.

Challenges Facing the Rental Industry:

  • No real-time access to rental availability resulting in lost revenue opportunities and creating booking errors
  • Rental demand is difficult to track making it difficult to match rental equipment to what customers are actually demanding
  • Equipment reservations are unwieldy to manage and often end up being done manually
  • Shipping and expediting is done outside the system and does not allow for effective delivery and pickup scheduling
  • Current systems have inflexible terms for both periodic and usage charges
  • Pricing terms are limited and cannot automatically use optimized, pro-rated and best pricing; customer-specific pricing is a manual process
  • Systems cannot rent inventory items if all rental equipment is unavailable, resulting in lost revenue
  • The process for disposing of rental assets is complicated and causes problems in the accounting system
  • Invoices are often late in getting to customers resulting in decreased cash flow
  • Opportunities for renting or selling additional items on a rental contract are often missed

Whether answering a customer’s question, completing a rental order or sale, checking the availability of an asset, or scheduling maintenance, you need the best rental equipment software on the market to save time by simplifying complicated processes.

Rent or sell both inventory items and fixed assets on one rental order.

Configure pre-defined rental kits that can be modified on a rental order.  Define billings, terms, pricing tables and rental periods to suit your specific needs.  Utilize all your assets and bill your customers quickly.  Rent more, bill faster, earn more.

Open Door offers a complete solution for rental equipment optimization software.

Dynamics NAV Open Door Rental Software t is a comprehensive rental system utilizing the power of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, a system in use by over 100,000 organizations world-wide.  Users have total visibility as information is shared across the system through a single database, which eliminates multiple data entry points.  Integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers access to a full suite of other modules including financials, purchasing, customer relationship management, service management, manufacturing, job cost, warehouse management, human resources and payroll.

Rental Equipment Software Allows Companies To:

  • Track equipment reservations on rental quotes and orders to properly match customer demand to available equipment and determine the optimal mix of equipment in your rental fleet
  • Utilize fixed asset groups to manage reservations without committing specific assets until they are shipped out to the customer
  • Quickly check availability of rental assets by asset, group, location or user-defined equipment categories and features
  • Expedite shipping and pickups with shipment planning functionality
  • Set up unlimited rental terms and match customer requirements by offering optimized, best price, pro-rated, or fixed rental pricing
  • Set up specific rental pricing for individual customers or customer groups
  • Rent or sell rental assets and inventory on one rental order
  • Process rental invoices individually or as part of a daily or periodic batch
  • Maximize revenue by configuring pre-defined rental kits including additional rental equipment, inventory items or service charges, which can be modified on the rental order, as required

The Open Door Rental Software will work for virtually any equipment rental business requiring daily or longer rental terms.  Some examples include:

  • Oilfield Service
  • Office Equipment
  • Construction Equipment
  • Industrial Trailers
  • Medical Equipment
  • Event Equipment

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